About Us


Welcome guys, thanks for checking out the site!

Many years ago, my friends and I were tired of being passed a water pipe but not being passed the lighter every day. We thought there should be a way to pass both the piece and lighter with one hand so we didn't have to ask the question "who has the lighter?" Unable to find another lighter one day, I used some leftover materials lying around my house to create a one of a kind lighter holder that could fit all of my water pipes and bubblers. After a few years of saving money on lighters, I wanted to sell my product so others like me could do the same. We're here today to help you with your disappearing lighter problem and to #passwithease.

Our BoujeeBandz strap is double sided Velcro so it wont stick to your piece. Plus, you have the versatility to adjust the size of our BoujeeBandz to fit around every size water pipe and bubbler out there. We haven't run into any piece that our lighter holder doesn't fit around! We even have an XL option for those of you that are into that kind of thing. The best part about this product is the magnet: we use extremely strong, high quality magnets that can hold practically any lighter. These magnets are strong enough to even hold most mini torches! (Keep in mind that not all metals are magnetic) 

BoujeeBandz wants to help you keep track of your lighters and we're proud to say that every strap is handmade in the great state of Texas. 


One love,